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The fastest-growing mid-term rental marketplace


67k listings       16k tenants       $44M  total        $9K avg rental

How to get started

Houzlet 2023-11-06

Get Approved:

Create an account and complete the registration, book a call with our onboarding team to review if your properties align with our corporate housing standards. 

  List Your Property:

Our onboarding team will work with you to connect with your PMS system. We'll promptly create your listings and get them live upon approval.

Start earning:

After lease agreements are confirmed and members move in, rent and utilities are automatically paid on the 1st of each month.


Manage your listings:

Keep track of incoming payments and reservations through our platform, making it easy to stay on top of your rental business.

FAQ for Property Suppliers?

How do the payouts work?

Houzlet facilitates payments to the property manager's bank account when the Tenant moves in. 

How do I qualify for early payouts?

When you sign up with Lynnbrook merchant account and Houzlet you will have access to early payouts. This means when a seasonal travel or corporate rental pays by credit card you will get paid on the day of confirmation less our houzlet service fee.

Some insurance companies pay Houzlet by check and in this case, payouts will be available on check-in date only.


How many bookings or rentals can I expect from Houzlet?

It depends on the number of properties you have, if you are renting on Airbnb, Vrbo, etc. on average Houzlet will help boost your occupancy between 15% and 20%!

Is a lease agreement required?

In some cases, our corporate and insurance partners require a signed lease to issue payment. Houzlet has a standard corporate rental agreement we enter into with our corporate partners to streamline the rental process. 

How does it work with Houzlet corporate leasing agents?

Our Leasing Agents have intimate knowledge of our corporate and insurance partners' needs.  We help streamline the rental process. This leverages your time as a property manager. When the rental is confirmed we will push the booking directly into your PMS system. 

Which PMS system does Houzlet currently integrate with?

We currently have API integrations with Streamline, Guesty, and IGems. 

How do I become a property supplier?

To become an in-network property supplier, fill out this get started form to see if your properties qualify. 

FAQ VersaRent Membership?

What is the minimum term of the membership?

The minimum term for each membership is 3 months.

What if I don't stay in the property while I am a paying member?

The membership fees can be used towards staying at a property in the future or upgrading to a larger or luxury property. Unlike traditional rent, Flexnest membership allows you to use unused stays for up to 3 years after the expiration.

Is a tenant screening required?

Yes, a one-time tenant screening is required when you apply for a VersaRent membership. Once approved, live anywhere you want within our property within our network. 

Do I need to pay a security deposit?

Yes, you do but unlike traditional housing, Flexnest security deposit applies to any property you stay at. When you move out the security deposit rolls over to the next property.

How often can I move?

You can move as often as you like so long that you give a 30-day notice. 

Can I stay for only a month?

The minimum term at each property is 30 days, the membership requires a 3-month commitment. 

How many properties do you have in Livly Network?

We have 67,000 properties to choose from in 400 cities across the US, with 90,000 more onboarding in April 2024. 

What if I need a rental in a location where Livly has no properties?

In the rare case where we do not have in-network properties, our Leasing Team will find one for you. We will present you with as many options as you like, and better yet, we do all the work for you; this includes brokering the deal with the homeowner or real estate agent.