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Boost Occupancy, Turbocharge Earnings


Your Path to 90% Occupancy and Beyond


Have your corporate apartment rented from our exclusive network of insurance companies, healthcare staffing agencies, and exclusive members.
Livly Serviced Apartments


The fastest-growing corporate rental marketplace


67k listings       16k tenants       $41M  rent       $9K avg rent


Get your property rented by largest companies in America!  We have established corporate partnerships with leading companies, offering support for employee relocation and temporary lodging needs to professional athletes, entertainers, and corporate executives.


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Insurance and Healthcare Staffing Network

Approved listings are marketed to our Insurance and Healthcare staffing companies

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900 Million Unique Visitors Per Year

Approved listings are marketed across our partner network

Marketing Network
Livly Network

How to get started


Get Approved:

Create an account and complete the registration, book a call with our onboarding team to review if your properties align with our corporate housing standards. 

  List Your Property:

Our onboarding team will work with you to connect with your PMS system. We'll promptly create your listings and get them live upon approval.

Start earning:

After lease agreements are confirmed and members move in, rent and utilities are automatically paid on the 1st of each month.


Manage your listings:

Keep track of incoming payments and reservations through our platform, making it easy to stay on top of your rental business.
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Frequently Asked Questions?

How do the payouts work?

Livly is the merchant of record; we facilitate direct payment to the property manager on the move-in date. 

How can I qualify for early payouts?

You can opt-in for split pay when you sign up for a Lynnbrook merchant account. With split pay, you receive the deposit minus our service fee on the confirmation day. This applies to seasonal travel or corporate rentals paid by credit card.

However, split pay isn't an option for insurance company claims. In such cases, payment occurs only on the move-in day.


How many bookings or rentals can I expect from Livly?

It depends on the number of properties you have; if you are already renting on Airbnb, Vrbo, etc., on average, we will help boost your occupancy between 10% and 20%! 

Is a lease agreement required?

Our corporate and insurance partners sometimes require a signed lease to issue payment. Lively has a standard corporate rental agreement we enter into with our corporate partners to streamline the rental process; if a lease is required, someone from your company will need to counter-sign the agreement. 

How does a corporate lease work?

We help streamline the rental process for you. This leverages your time as a property manager. When the rental is confirmed, we will push the booking into your PMS system. If a lease agreement needs to be signed, our corporate leasing team will coordinate that with you to save you time and money. Learn more.

Which PMS system do you currently integrate with?

We currently have API integrations with HostAway Streamline, Guesty, and IGems, with more coming on each month.