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Livly's core objective is to revolutionize the landscape of corporate rentals with real-time availability; our property availability simplifies renting your next home-away-from-home, just like booking a hotel room.

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Fastest Growing Corporate Rental Platform


67k listings       16k tenants       $41M  rent       $9K avg rent








V 1.0 released



18, 000 listings



48, 000 listings in 200 cities and counting....



IOS released & Livly partners with corporate housing & insurance companies.



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At Livly, we comprise a group of proactive team members. We hold authenticity and forward-thinking in high regard, and, above all, we dedicate ourselves tirelessly to serving our customers daily.





To revolutionize how individuals discover and relish their workplace away from the office by establishing a seamless and reliable platform for corporate rentals. We aim to accommodate various requirements and lifestyles while advocating sustainable, memorable, and comfortable work environments.

Our corporate rental startup app is driven by a vision and mission emphasizing convenience, diversity, community, sustainability, ingenuity, and international accessibility. We are dedicated to ensuring that corporate rentals become enriching and unforgettable for everyone, prioritizing the creation of a sense of belonging for our users, no matter where their work takes them.

Our Vision:

We aspire to become the leading mid-term rental platform, offering a wide range of well-curated and flexible housing solutions tailored to our users' unique needs and desires. Our vision is to create a world where finding a mid-term rental is as convenient as booking a hotel and where living in a new city or experiencing a different lifestyle is a joyful and hassle-free adventure. 

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Our Mission


Values and Conduct


Empowering Choice: We envision a future where individuals and families can effortlessly choose from a wide array of mid-term rental options, ensuring that everyone can find a place that feels like home, no matter where they are.

Seamless Experience: Our vision is to provide a frictionless and intuitive user experience, from searching and booking to checking in and out, allowing our users to focus on making the most of their stay, whether it's for a month or several months.

Community and Connection: We aim to foster a sense of community among our users by facilitating connections with local neighborhoods, activities, and like-minded individuals, ensuring that their mid-term rental experience is enriched by the people and places they encounter.

Sustainability and Responsibility: We see a future where our platform contributes to sustainable living by promoting eco-friendly housing options and responsible property management, supporting a more responsible and eco-conscious way of living.

Innovation and Adaptability: We will continuously innovate our platform, incorporating cutting-edge technology to enhance the rental experience and adapting to changing preferences and needs, staying at the forefront of the mid-term rental industry.

Global Reach: We aim to become a global solution, connecting people with mid-term rentals worldwide, breaking down geographical barriers, and opening up new horizons for exploration and discovery.